FOR ALL WE KNOW (2007) soundclips on the page For All We Know CD Cover
     Piano, Vocals: Gaea Schell Bass: Chris Colangelo Drums: Albert 'Tootie' Heath Produced: Gaea Schell
Mixing/Mastering: Jimmy Branly
       "there's something magical about this lady. I heard her by chance in a restaurant, and all conversation went out the window as I just listened to her playing - a first for me. About half the pieces on the CD are composed by her, and all arrangements are hers. She's really good on the piano too" - Amazon purchaser


     Dream Away CD Cover NOTES:
Date: 2004 (not for purchase)
Piano, Vocals: Gaea Schell
Bass: David Miller
Drums: Albert 'Tootie' Heath
Bass (tracks 3, 10): Ryan Cross
Tenor Sax (track 4): Matt Otto
Produced: Gaea Schell
Engineering: Nolan Shaheed
Recorded Live May 7, 2004 Pasadena, CA
Mixing/Mastering: Maurice Gainen
Design: Stacey Stanley, the notepad
Photos: Back photo, Ivor Pyres, all other photos, Chris Schell

     Sample tracks:
            (Clifford Brown)
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            (Comp. Gaea Schell, Lyrics & Music Copyright  © 1999)
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            (Comp. Gaea Schell, Copyright  © 1997)
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If you would like to order a CD, After the Rain & For All We Know can also be purchased directly at, Eastwind Import, Saphu Records, or go to the "contact" page.

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